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Our Difference

You need to address many important aspects to choose the best solution and we will deliver the
most leading edge product for the taxi industry.

We understand that all Australian taxiís require a streamlined and effective tactile sign solution to
be implemented prior to December 2007, but your solution should not be just about the initial
compliance, one must look ahead to ensure a fast, easy solution for years to come.

Our research of the market suggests that the following criteria will be paramount as you choose
a supplier and with TactileTaxi you will get...

 Innovation  You will have a product superior to conventional signs, made for taxis.
 Durability  You will have an anti-vandal, long lasting and UV stable sign.
 Individual  You will have a colour to suit your State or Company image.
 Effective  You will have a cost-effective, reliable solution when you need it, fast.

We have given much thought to all these important points and can provide a streamlined and
effective solution for the taxi industry.

Our research of all relevant government legislation, discussions with the Australian Taxi Industry
Association and interviews with both taxi owners and representatives of the Vision Australia have
shaped our understanding of the stakeholders for tactile taxi signs.

ďItís a nice easy sign to feel, awesome!Ē
Gerrard Gosens, Executive Officer - Vision Australia

You can be assured of first class service and dedication to excellence, providing large scale and
customised solutions, based on our record of over 50 years of experience and expertise.

You can also be assured that our company will provide a comprehensive solution that will
address all your considerations. If you have feedback we will hear you.

As the legislative guidelines in the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002
is light on detail, we have applied the Building Codes of Australia 2005 Requirements to help
shape the design of our unique tactile taxi sign.

Traditional methods of providing both tactile and braille signs have some challenges when faced
with the rigours of use associated with the transport industry, especially the outside of taxis.

The challenge to also provide a solid-state sign that is completely individual is why we have
addressed your requirements with a different perspective.

Whilst providing a solution that gives the vision impaired customer peace of mind is paramount,
you also need to ensure your sign is vandal-proof, UV stable for at least five years and can
sustain daily cleaning.

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