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Innovative Solution

We produce individual braille and tactile character tiles that have a mortise and tenon shaped
profile that slide precisely into the base plate.

Each tactile character tile has colour identical to the base plate with a solid over-moulded
contrasting raised colour.

Having the second colour over-moulded through the base colour of the tiles means that each
tile is solid plastic.

This means our signs have colour all the way through them - no screen printing that can fade
or be scratched off, no gluing of letters that can be levered out with keys and no Braille balls
inserted into drilled holes that may fall out from the extremes of Australian weather.

Simply select the individual alphanumeric tile pieces required for the registered taxi number and
slide these into the internal profile of the base plate.

Finally, two end caps are inserted that lock all the tiles firmly in place and then cannot be

There are no edges, no lifting and no way to remove them from the base plate once adhered to
the vehicle.

Our signs are designed to have a very smooth finish with all edges and shapes designed for
liquid run-off to stay clean and dry.

This is very important should a tactile sign on the exterior of the door became soiled.
The solid-state and anti-vandal design can also ensure these signs are not unsuspectingly
damaged by other passengers.

Our design conforms with Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 and Building
Code of Australia requirements.

  • All Tactile lettering in 15mm high and 1 - 1.5 mm raised with rounded edges.
  • Braille Locator 6mm high and 1mm raised with rounded edges.
  • Braille Dots are 0.8mm raised and domed like a hemisphere (Six dot Unified Braille).
  • Braille characters placed to the left of the raised tactile characters along the same centre line.
  • The precise fit of our sign surface is continuous for hygiene purposes.
  • All visible surfaces of the sign will have a matt finish.
  • Minimum letter spacing of 2mm is used for all tactile characters.
  • Solid state molding means there can be no removal of letters and Braille dots by picking or adhesive failure.


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