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Vision Impairment
To access detailed information on blindness, vision impairment and the Braille language, the
following links will assist you.
Vision Australia: www.visionaustralia.org.au/info.aspx?page=1136 
Blind Citizens Australia www.bca.org.au 
Queensland Blind Association www.qba.asn.au 
e-Bility.com www.e-bility.com 
Vision 2020 www.vision2020australia.org.au/home.htm 
Human Rights and Equal 
Opportunity Commission
Guide Dogs NSW/ACT www.guidedogs.com.au/Access...
Guide Dogs QLD  www.guidedogsqld.com.au/home/ 
Taxi Industry
For detailed information on taxi councils and associations.
Australian Taxi Industry Association www.atia.com.au 
New South Wales taxi Service www.nswtaxi.org.au 
Taxi Council of Queensland www.tcq.org.au 
Taxi Council of South Australia www.taxicouncilsa.com.au 
Taxi Council of Western Australian  www.tcwa.com.au/ 
Victorian Taxi Association www.victaxi.com.au/ 
State Transport Authorities
For detailed information on state government taxi regulations.
ACT - Taxi Services www.tams.act.gov.au/move/... 
New South Wales Government - Transport www.nsw.gov.au/transport.asp 
Northern Territory Transport Group www.nt.gov.au/transport/taxi/index.shtml 
Queensland Transport - Taxi and Limousine www.transport.qld.gov.au/Home/...
South Australia - Tourism and Transport www.sa.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=57...
Victorian Taxi Directorate www.doi.vic.gov.au/doi/internet/vehicles.nsf/... 
Western Australia - Taxis www.dpi.wa.gov.au/taxis/723.asp 


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